Ellen Pao resignation

Ellen Pao resigned from her position as interim CEO of reddit today following years of quantities of racist and misogynist abuse from reddit’s userbase.

GamerGaters have, predictably, been celebrating, both in their forum on reddit and on Twitter. They’re doing so with their usual, predictable combination of lies about “censorship” (they keep thinking that a private website choosing to remove their comments is “censoring them” and abridging their “free speech”):

Antigamers are mad that Ellen Pao has been shitcanned because some were expecting jobs at reddit.  HAHAHAHAHA  #GamerGate

and racism:

BREAKING: Ellen Pao interim CEO of Reddit Inc is stepping down  #GamerGate


Not all of the people behind the harassment of Pao are associated with #GamerGate, but #GamerGate is only one of many hate groups that engage in large-scale harassment intended to silence women, people of color, and other members of marginalize groups. Many of these groups use reddit as a platform.

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