Calgary Expo

The “Honey Badger Radio” group, which is associated with notable hate site A Voice For Men and #GamerGate, bought a booth at Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo, apparently so they could sell their rape joke merchandise. They were asked to leave, but not before they could disrupt a Women Into Comics panel. They proceeded to rally their army of #GamerGate minions to yell at the official Calgary Expo Twitter account.

The Mary Sue and We Hunted The Mammoth have writeups.

UPDATE: So Calgary Expo was over, but they are still continuing to fuck up the con’s Twitter hashtag. If you want to wade into the ongoing fiasco, GamerGhazi is doing a pretty good job of keeping up with that, though they are still on reddit, so your mileage may vary on how much them being great cancels out the shitmess that is that website. The eternally wonderful @srhbutts tweeted about how dangerous one of the “kicked out” folks is as well as how they lied on their application.

A writeup is also available at Comics Alliance.