the Airplay thing

Remember back in April when GamerGate took over a hashtag conversation that was actually about journalistic ethics and made it unusable? Well, Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) board member Michael Koretzky noticed and wanted to give GamerGate a chance to explain themselves. So he created an event called AirPlay for them to do so.

Koretzky is the writer of such hard-hitting journalistic pieces as this 3-part series on how much all the toys in 50 Shades of Grey would cost and this listicle about women’s self esteem, which mostly features statistics from studies paid for by companies that sell beauty products.

Now, the SPJ isn’t actually associated with AirPlay; it’s actually only sponsored by a couple of local Florida chapters, and they actually had to remove the official SPJ logo from their branding. Koretzky has tried to recruit “anti-GamerGate” voices to speak at this “debate”, but no one took the bait, probably because no one wants to be on a panel to “debate” with people actively trying to ruin your life. (Also, there isn’t really an anti-GamerGate.) Despite this, the official AirPlay website still advertises a debate with two sides.

Today (7-14), a blog post by Koretzky went up talking about how, despite his giving the GamerGate community-selected panelists “almost everything they want”, they have already threatened to quit, and have shared early drafts that Koretzky sent them for factchecking with other GamerGaters, despite his request they not do so until the final version was published.

You can read the full details on the AirPlay blogtrigger warning for racial slurs there– but it’s clear that GamerGate can’t even manage to behave themselves well enough to handle an event that is clearly pandering to them.

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