The Hugo Awards

Brad Torgensen attempted to get people to nominate a slate of conservative stories for the Hugo awards. Noted racist Vox Day jumped in on the action, #GamerGate got involved, and the end result is that they took over basically all of the nominations for this year’s Hugos, with a bunch of the nominated stories coming from a tiny barely-more-than-vanity-press. A few people have withdrawn their stories because they don’t want to be associated with that mess. Overall, the quality of the stories are very low, fans and writers alike are disappointed, and it’s all kind of a mess.

Gawker wrote about GamerGate involvement, We Hunted The Mammoth wrote about Vox Day a few times (he is an endless font of disgusting, bigoted statements), Connie Willis turned down the opportunity to present during the awards and Susan Grigsby posted a lengthy explanation of the whole fiasco in a greater sci-fi and internet context.