conversations about an open source convention (OSCON)

GamerGate just figured out that Randi Harper, the creator of the GGAutoBlocker (a tool that automatically blocks most of #GamerGate, which keeps them from making Twitter quite so unusable for both their targets and people interested in one of the topics that they are spamming with their garbage), is speaking at O’Reily’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) and has been flooding their official Twitter account with abuse as well as cluttering up the hashtag with the usual combinations of abuse and conspiracies.

I could write up a big thing about it, but Harper summed it up pretty nicely:

Here’s a couple of examples of the kind of stuff they’re tweeting; you can find more by looking at the hashtag yourself.

a bunch of tiny screenshots of tweets with red arrows and nonsense

Some of #GamerGate’s trademark conspiracies, tied together with a bunch of arrows made in MSPaint.


jeff ‏@Jeffsmall46: @randileeharper why should anyone believe what u say. U lied about drug use, u harass on the regular and u dox all day

They’ve been trying the “Randi Harper is a drug addict” thing in an attempt to make her look bad lately

More info:

  • Why Is Mark Kern Sad did a round-up of all of #GG favorite and noted failure Mark Kern‘s tweets as he urged his followers to go after OSCON and their sponsors
  • Good Game Autoblocker
  • Kiva Bay talks about the harm that’s done by using the “drug addict” label like they do
  • Previous attempts to ruin hashtag conversations: 1, 2 (I don’t write about this every time they try this strategy, because time– both mine as a writer and yours as a reader– is finite, but it happens a lot more than makes this blog.)

UPDATE 7/23: They’re still at it. Ashley Lynch posted about how they’re trying to spam the hashtag with porn (warning: porn). Randi Harper confirmed that every time Mark Kern floods a hashtag, subscriptions to GGAutoblocker go up. She’s also received threats; her talk went well anyway.

Also, noted jackass Vivek Wahdwa– the dude who made a career of speaking over women about issues of sexism in the tech industry– jumped in, citing a piece on Breitbart, the conservative online “newspaper” that employes Milo Yiannopolus and has even less actual journalistic integrity and credibility than Fox News.