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This week we saw Roosh V, admitted rapist, “pick-up artist” and advocate for making rape legal, visit Montreal; the lead-up to this event had him advocating “infiltrating” and posting personal information about the planned protests. All of this ended with him accusing a woman who threw a drink in his face of assault when video of the incident showed him putting his hands on her without permission.

How it’s related to GamerGate: A few days ago, Roosh shut down Reaxxion, his gaming site that he made for GamerGaters; he was one of many non-gamers (including Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos) to attempt to use the hate movement for his own profit.

Roosh is a major figure in the “manosphere“, a group of semi-affiliated websites for “pick-up artists” (a group of generally misogynistic self-help “gurus” who post techniques to get women to have sex with them; these techniques are often threatening and/or sexually violent) and “men’s rights activists”, who are actually just anti-feminists who don’t ever do anything to help men.

There’s a huge overlap between the “manosphere” and GamerGate; KotakuInAction, GamerGate’s subreddit, has more users in common with the Men’s Rights subreddit than any other sub. The reactionary tactics that GamerGate uses have long been staples of the manosphere’s “activism”; there’s a long history of men’s rights activists using harassment and doxxing (releasing personal information of targets) of feminists that they disagree with– they’ve even offered bounties for personal information of women before.

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