SXSW voting

KotakuInAction, GamerGate’s forum on reddit, GamerGaters, has sicced it’s members on several prospective panels at South by Southwest (SXSW), which uses community input to help choose which panels to feature.

Two of the panels that they’re brigading are about internet harassment and feature several of their targets. The first is “Is It Possible for a Safer, Saner & Civil Internet”, featuring Brianna Wu, developer of Revolution 60, Arthur Chu, a speaker, voice-over artist and columnist (he’s written about GG for Salon), and Shireen Mitchell of the Stop Online Violence Against Women Project.

Some of you might remember Brianna Wu, whose harassment I’ve written about before; she has also been forced out of her home because GG’s harassment and threats, and stalked and threatened by one of the volunteers working at Penny Arcade Expo. That’s just the tip of the iceberg– she receives such an enormous volume of harassment that her company has a full-time employee whose sole job is dealing with it.

The second harassment-related panel, “Level Up: Overcoming Harassment in Games”, includes Katherine Cross, a sociologist and PhD candidate at CUNY who writes about feminism and games, Randi Harper, a developer most famous for creating the Good Game Autoblocker, which automatically blocks enough members of GamerGate on Twitter that the site is actually usable, and Caroline Sinders, an polymath artist/photographer/writer/creator. All three women are regular targets for GamerGate’s harassment, threats, and SWATings.

The third panel doesn’t actually have anything to do with harassment at all– it’s about virtual reality– but they’re still targeting it, because Brianna Wu is on it.

GamerGaters– nearly all of whom have no actual plans of going to SXSW at all– are posting their usual lies and denials in the comments and making accounts to attempt to downvote these panels enough that SXSW decides not to feature them. Like everything they do, it’s an attempt to silence marginalized voices in video games.

Special thanks to Arthur Chu for bringing this to my attention and to @srhbutts’ for tweeting about it.

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