KiA and Popehat target @ArchivistBecks

Another night, another dox/harassment/threat campaign.

Earlier tonight, KotakuInAction took issue with a tweet of @ArchivistBecks‘; shortly after they posted it, one of the posters on the @Popehat account sent their 43k+ followers after her.

They’ve┬áreceived 10 phone calls, at least one of which was threatening, as well as harassment on Twitter.

Popehat’s done some useful– or at least amusing— work in the past, so it’s disappointing to see them engaging in targeted harassment.

Additionally, this is another example of KotakuInAction engaging in targeted harassment, which is ostensibly against reddit’s rules. Like everything I write about here, this is┬ájust one example of the type of targeted attempts at silencing that GamerGate is known for.