Milo Yiannopoulos’s Credibility (sort of)

Okay, so you can’t really ruin the credibility of someone who didn’t have any to begin with, but it’s been a slow week for #GamerGate news, since they’re still trying to milk being asked to leave Calgary Expo for sympathy, so I figured I’d put together a bio on one of the big #GamerGate names and why he’s an asshole. Here we go!

Milo Yiannopoulos (formerly Wagner, @Nero on Twitter) is mostly known as Brietbart’s token misogynistic gay. He has opportunistically attached himself to #GamerGateĀ despite hating gamers; given #GamerGate’s love of calling Anita Sarkeesian “not a real gamer”, they are cool with @Nero, for whatever reason.

I’m posting this today because he made himself look like a fool on Twitter today, and it was pretty funny. It’s sort of like the rhetorical equivalent of Sideshow Bob and the rakes:

sideshow bob rakes1