actual discussions of ethics in journalism

The Society of Professional Journalists tried to celebrate ethics week with a Twitter discussion; unfortunately #GamerGate, always eager to latch onto anything involving the keywords “journalism” and “ethics”, pretty much immediately ruined it by flooding it with complaints¬†about the Boston Magazine piece, Kotaku, Polygon, Anita Sarkeesian (who is, I should note, a critic, not a journalist), the Blockbot, and all of their other hobby horses.

Some of you may remember the last time they flooded an unrelated hashtag for the Game Developers Conference and drove a bunch of people to start using the autoblocker just so they could separate actual conversations from GG’s spam.

Anyway, here’s a small selection of their tweets that I grabbed so you can see what exactly they’re using to spam. Oh, and if you want to install the autoblocker, it’s hella easy and can make a huge difference if you want a peaceful Twitter experience.

ggethics ggethics2 ggethics3 ggethics4