a new hitlist

#GamerGate made what is basically a hitlist website to list their “enemies” on and link to “ethical alternative” websites. Its list of “good guys” includes people who have released personal information on individuals who are currently being targeted by hate mobs and deadnamed trans women. (Zoe Quinn has more info about some of these sites on her blog.)

It has a massive boycott list but mostly is a list of people who #GamerGate doesn’t like because they are “unethical” for various reasons, including being members of professional organization (this apparently is collusion), giving games reviews that they don’t agree with, and making fun of #GamerGate on Twitter. Additionally, they list a lot of people on their list who are just people they don’t like who aren’t journalists at all.

I’m not going to link to the site here, both because I don’t want to drive traffic and because I doubt the people on the hitlist really need that shit in their lives right now.