Kiva Bay’s Feminist Deck project

Feminist Deck image of Katherine Cross

So today some #GamerGater tried to ruin the excellent Kiva Bay‘s day by faking a $10,000 contribution to her Feminist Deck Kickstarter. This is, of course, a dick move, and it’s illustrative of the kind of petty crap that #GamerGate tries to do on a regular basis. Kiva Bay’s an artist struggling to do what she loves for a living and her art has been an absolute ray of sunshine in the lives of people targeted by #GamerGate’s hate mob. (I’ve written about her before on my main blog before.) But the huge “contribution” backfired: it made it to Kickstarter’s front page, Neil Gaiman tweeted about it and Kickstarter chose it as a staff pick in the Art category.

You can contribute to it too! I’d love to see this project succeed; seeing the drawings on my Twitter timeline is really inspiring and energizing.

UPDATE: They’re now trying to get the project taken down by reporting it to Kickstarter.