further doxxing of Brianna Wu


Brianna Wu, developer behind Revolution 60, has been a target of #GamerGate for months now; she’s one of several developers who has had to suffer through death threats and harassment despite #GamerGaters regularly saying that their primary concern is journalism and that women should make their own games if we want them. She’s written several pieces on #GamerGate, including “It’s time for the FBI to prosecute Gamergate trolls”.

Well, today #GamerGate got her private phone number and they’ve been calling it to harass and threaten her.

This isn’t the first time Wu has been targeted by this kind of behavior, and it’s just one more in an overwhelmingly long series of attempts to harass and threaten women in the game community into silence.

(Side note: I’m soliciting questions for an FAQ on #GamerGate so as to better provide 101-level information on this hate movement if you have any questions.)