Last Week Tonight and what GG has been up to in general

There haven’t been many posts here for a while! That’s because GamerGate seems to be waning in support; there are still enough dedicated people to ruin small hashtags or (unfortunately) to continue disrupting individual lives, but except on verifiable shitholes like reddit, they don’t have all that much traction these days. Maybe it’s partially because of the recent improvements in Twitter, including shared blocklists, but I expected them to taint the discussion of E3, the biggest gaming press conference of the year, much more than they did; the only thing that really got much attention was putting up a bunch of creepy posters about Anita Sarkeesian.

There was, however, a pretty good John Oliver segment (tw for some cissexism, though) about internet harassment, and, once again, they showed their true colors by getting up in arms about it.

Twitter user Davis ‏(@DFoxtrot15): Funny how #JohnOliver's segment on #OnlineHarassment didn't mention the multitude of threats against females in #GamerGate by #SJWs.

Putting #hastags on random #words is the new #inappropriatecapitalization

Reddit user SoundOfRainOnTheRoof: "Wu is on the record for having purposely sought harassment for months. All of the initial harassment she received can very easily be described as "bullshit" without contrivance I think. Being not driven from her home to a TV interview less than a week prior to her game's release? Come on. It seems a little insulting to equate her with the victims of revenge porn."


More from Jezebel.

Other than this, it seems like most of what GamerGate’s done lately has been big name Gaters doing ridiculous and/or shitty things and having their handful of loyal followers continue to agree with them. Mark Kern, a longtime supporter of GamerGate who pretended to be “neutral”, finally “went GamerGate” and did an Ask Me Anything, where he lied a lot (GamerGhazi did some explaining of this), MundaneMatt got mad about stores refusing to sell the Confederate flag, Milo Yiannopoulos (previously) defended sexism in science, the Honey Badgers (previouslymanaged to get Gaters to give them thousands of dollars to hire a disbarred lawyer, etc etc.