Tauriq Moosa driven off Twitter

In early June, Tauriq Moosa wrote a piece on The Witcher 3  in Polygon where he talked about the problems with the game’s overwhelming whiteness. He’s been getting abuse ever since, despite politely asking for people to leave him alone.

Yesterday, he disabled his Twitter account, citing this abuse, much of which was virulently racist, as the reason.

I was going to write something here about this being yet another way that GamerGate supports the suppression of free speech by harassing people into silence, but Damion Schubert said it better than I ever could:

UPDATE (6/29): Schubert wrote a full blog entry about this.

People supporting Moosa have been posting in the #IStandWithTauriq tag, which #GamerGaters prompty began to fill up with their trolling and racism, including  It’s clear that while #GamerGate is losing steam and has basically negative credibility, there are still enough people in it with enough sockpuppets to do serious damage to the individual lives of people who speak out about issues of social justice in gaming.

UPDATE (6/28): #IStandWithTauriq blew up, and #GamerGate rallied its forces to troll in it and take it over. Also, some articles came out on the whole thing:

Hat tip to squirrelrampage over at r/GamerGhazi for the archive links.